Global Mobility Trends 2016

It’s a year of change in innovation for global mobility – the industry has never been more exciting.

It is a fabulous time to be a mobility professional, particularly if you are able to embrace and lead change, and already 2016 is looking like a year of innovation.

People new to the industry may not appreciate the shifts that are upon us, but they are significant game-changers and have been highlighted by Crown World Mobility’s annual industry trends.

The list for 2016 is packed with new entries. From uber mobility to data analytics, from flexible programs for employees to an increasing emphasis on diversity. Things are changing and they are changing fast.

We shouldn’t be surprised. Technology is now pivotal in every walk of life, leading to a growing desire for real-time data and mobile services. So, it is hardly surprising that technology is starting to change the global mobility industry, too.

Employees want the information they need for their move at their fingertips, they want it to be interactive and they see mobile apps as part of life. But at what point does relying of self-help go too far? Finding the right balance for smart mobility is going to be key in the second half of the year.

Another industry-changer stems from large demographic shifts and a growing corporate focus on recruiting and retaining talent. As one generation begins to retire, older Millennials are becoming managers, just as the first of the Gen Zeds (born between 1994-2010) finish college.

So, where does this leave us in mobility? Well, we see more complexity than ever before. Companies need to offer more mobility for less. Mobility policies need to have the flexibility to be successfully implemented in some of the strongest economies (from Australia to France, Hong Kong, Switzerland, the U.S. and the U.K.), as well as in some of the most challenging, emerging or developing economies (Argentina, Egypt, Myanmar or Nigeria).

It is both challenging and exciting, making our jobs more interesting than ever before.

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By Lisa Johnson, Global Practice Leader, Consulting Services, Crown World Mobility

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