Regional Branding Toolkit

A strong region builds on a strong profile! 

A toolkit for branding the West Holland region has been created by InnovationQuarter, the ProvinceZuid-Holland, Metropoolregion Rotterdam Den Haag (MRDH), cities such as Leiden, Delft, Den Haag and Rotterdam, HSD, WFIA, Rotterdam Partners, knowledge centers, universities, etc.  ICP director, Nicole van Haelst, provided input on behalf of ICP.
In the toolkit you will find various marketing resources (such as a video, images, texts, tickets, infographics, etc.) that you can use for your own promotional activities and materials to bring the profile and strengths of the West Holland region into your story,  eg. in a presentation or speech. The toolkit also provides a guide on how to apply the resources offered.

The toolkit can be found here.
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