ICP PODCAST SERIES: ‘Places Attract Talent’

Making Talent Attraction and Retention actionable and a net gain for all stakeholders involved.

In this first episode of the three-part series, we are calling Places Attract Talent, Nicole van Haelst speaks with Morten King-Grubert.

They discuss the importance of WHY talent attraction and retention matters even in these troubling and uncertain times, why maintaining a top-ranking global position matters for cities, how the way we communicate is changing, why the transition to a more digital world is necessary, why making living and working in a city easier for foreigners is important and much more.

In this second episode of the three part series we are calling Places Attract Talent, Nicole speaks with Mateu Hernandez, Nisha Yadav, Niklas Delersjo and Morten King-Grubert about HOW to create a successful talent hub.

Mateu and Nicole discuss how his private organization created a successful private and public partnership in Barcelona paving the way for a top tier talent hub, the importance of the talent-central and data-driven approach, and the principle of the ONE-design.

In this third episode of Places Attract Talent, Nicole speaks with Bobby Bahov, Dylan Zuccherino, Geert Jan Waasdorp, and Morten King-Grubert on WHAT is needed to create successful talent hubs. Some good practices. Bobby on why data science/AI professionals and employers got lost in translation and how to make them work (together)! Dylan on The Hague Careers and how to manage a 1,000+ talent pool. Nicole about the hardest part: getting the employers on board.

Why collaborative talent attraction requires innovation in the account and IR management, at the city and regional level! Geert about the post coronean shift towards AI, deep learning, privacy and digital security and the increasing importance of crisis management.