Places attract Talent – Episode 1 Why?

In this first episode of the three-part series, we are calling Places Attract Talent, Nicole van Haelst speaks with Morten King-Grubert. They discuss the importance of WHY talent attraction and retention matters even in these troubling and uncertain times, why maintaining a top-ranking global position matters for cities, how the way we communicate is changing, why the transition to a more digital world is necessary, why making living and working in a city easier for foreigners is important and much more.

Morten King-Grubert is the Director of Talent Attraction & Business Development at Future Place Leadership. He is the Faculty and Career Resources Coordinator at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. He is also co-creator and co-author of Innovating Talent Attraction, “a practitioner’s guide for Cities, Regions, and Countries Prepare for the battle for talent!”

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