In this third episode of Places Attract Talent, Nicole speaks with Bobby Bahov, Dylan Zuccherino, Geert Jan Waasdorp, and Morten King-Grubert on WHAT is needed to create successful talent hubs. Some good practices.

Bobby on why data science/AI professionals and employers got lost in translation and how to make them work (together)!

Dylan on The Hague Careers and how to manage a 1,000+ talent pool:
– The magic mix of screening by tech and people
– Informal is the standard
– Honor your sponsors (=talent)!

Nicole about the hardest part: getting the employers on board.
Why collaborative talent attraction requires innovation in the account and IR management, at the city and regional level!

Geert about the post coronean shift towards AI, deep learning, privacy and digital security and the increasing importance of crisis management.

Morten and Nicole agree: talent circulation is the way to go. Cross-sector, cross-city, and cross-country. International collaboration – sharing talent pools to help employers in need across Europe is our mission.

Feed into the partnership between ICP and Future Place Leadership and let us know what questions you’d like to see addressed in the next episode of our podcast series Places attract Talent. 

Bobby Bahov has (co-)founded businesses in the field of Artificial Intelligence | Space resources | Exponential technologies | Sustainable Development Goals. He is the CEO of AI Lab One, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) product creator and service developer in The Hague, organizes multiple innovation programs related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Dylan Zuccherino is a former U.S Marine Corps  Sergeant, where he acted as a liaison for foreign militaries working across three different continents. Dylan is using his wide-ranging and versatile knowledge and skills as a global talent lead and analyst on the ICP team. 

Geert Jan Waasdorp is the CEO and Founder of Intelligence Group, a research and data firm, specializing in global recruitment intelligence and recruitment marketing. He has also founded numerous other companies that include the leading Masterclass program in The Netherlands, a proprietary algorithm that surveys labor market, as well one of the leading websites in the field of recruitment marketing, employer branding and recruitment.

Morten King-Grubert is the Director of Talent Attraction & Business Development at Future Place Leadership. He is the Faculty and Career Resources Coordinator at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. 

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