Places attract Talent – Episode 2 How and who?

In this second episode of the three part series we are calling Places Attract Talent, Nicole speaks with Mateu Hernandez, Nisha Yadav, Niklas Delersjo and Morten King-Grubert about HOW to create a successful talent hub.
Mateu and Nicole discuss how his private organization created a successful private and public partnership in Barcelona paving the way for a top tier talent hub, the importance of the talent-central and data-driven approach, and the principle of the ONE-design.

Nisha and Nicole speak to the different approach that Helsinki has taken. They discuss the role that the public sector has had in leading the attraction for global talent and the principle of internationals attracting internationals.

Niklas and Nicole discuss the success that Gothenburg has had in the field. They discuss a public-private hybrid model, multiple stakeholder approaches, and the meaning of being in an orchestrator role.
Morten and Nicole discuss the qualities that cities should have when looking to attract global talent. They discuss the shortcomings to avoid, the need for clear procedural systems, and soft landing

Mateu Hernández is the CEO of Barcelona Global, a nonprofit independent association made up of more than 800 members with the mission to make Barcelona one of the best cities in the world for talent and economic activity. International expert on local development. Mateu has also been the CEO for economic development for the city of Barcelona and the CEO of its local development agency, Barcelona Activa.

Nisha is decade-long recruitment professional with extensive experience in the IT field. She is the current Talent Advisor Lead for Helsinki Business Club. During her tenure as a recruitment professional, she has attracted talent from across every continent.

Niklas Delersjo has been leading the Move to Gothenburg project, a collaborative platform consisting of stakeholders from the business community, academia as well as the city and region, since its inception back in 2015. Niklas is also the Vice Chairman of Venture Cup Väst, a business plan competition aimed to promote Swedish growth.

Morten King-Grubert is the Director of Talent Attraction & Business Development at Future Place Leadership. He is the Faculty and Career Resources Coordinator at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad.

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