Mr. M. Erades
Vice President

Ms. M. Michon
VP HR Benelux

Mr. Kevin J Scheid


Mr. Richard Borsboom

Universiteit Leiden

Mr. K. Earley
Principal & CEO
The British School in The Netherlands

Mr. L. Geluk
Chairman of the Executive Board
The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Mr. Henk Heemskerk
International Criminal Court

Ms. Ida Haisma
The Hague Security Delta

Mr. G. Sarneel
Principal Director
European Patent Office

Ms. J. Larsson
Executive Director
Council of International Schools

Mr. A. de Groot


Rijnlands Lyceum

Ms. G. Vink
Business Director


Mr. A. Williams
The Hague Institute
for Global Justice

Mr. K. Rackwitz
Administrative Director


Ms. A. Mulder
Vice-President for Education & Operations
TU Delft

The Hague Tech

HSV Primary School


City of Delft

Ministry of
Foreign Affairs

City of The Hague

City of Rijswijk

City of Katwijk

City of Wassenaar

City of Leiden


City of Noordwijk

The Hague Business Agency

City of

Innovation Quarter

MKB Den Haag

WTC The Hague

Rotterdam Partners

The Hague International Centre


Mr. Richard Borsboom
ICP Chairman | Founder, Sandd

As a general manager, with a business development and financial background, Richard has created stable environments within a number of companies in order to successfully initiate and execute change processes.

Ms. Marleen Zuijderhoudt
ICP Vice-Chairman | Director, Zuijderhoudt Consulting

Mr. Kevin Scheid
General Manager, NATO NCI Agency

Mr. Michel Erades
Director Operations, McDermott

As Director Operations, Michel is leading the McDermott The Hague Office. Global workshare and talent attraction & development are key success factors to the success and sustainability of McDermott.

Ms. Marloes Michon
VP HR Benelux Shell

Marloes has been working for Shell since 1990. She currently holds the position of Vice President HR Benelux/France and Director Shell Nederland B.V.

Mr. Henk Heemskerk
International Criminal Court

The International Criminal Court (ICC), governed by the Rome Statute, is the first permanent, treaty based, international criminal court established to help end impunity for the perpetrators of the most serious crimes of concern to the international community.

Executive Headteacher, The British School in The Netherlands

Mr. Werner Dorfling
Senior Vice President, Worley

Mr. Leonard Geluk
Chair of the Executive Board, THUAS

He has been Chair of the Executive Board at The Hague University of Applied Sciences since 1 April 2014.

Ms. Jolanda Riel
Director of Operational Management, Leiden Univerity

Jolanda has been working in operational management positions for the non-profit sector. Since 2008 she has been executive dean for Leiden University, with a focus on operational management and HR-capital.

Ms. Nicole van Haelst
Director ICP

Nicole has built up a network of contacts from the worlds of local and national government, the civil service, international organizations and embassies, the world of business and education.


The International Community Platform (ICP) currently consists of 25 Members, of whom the ICP Board is chosen. As of 2016 ICP has increased it’s membership options, allowing Start ups and Midcaps with international staff to join.

The ICP Board meets 4 times a year to select the yearly topic, direct the progress on the alignment process and decide on which of the found and tested solutions to implement. The ICP Board also acts as the representative of the ICP as a whole in formal external conferences and events.

The ICP Circle consists of employees of the ICP Members and meet x times a year in working conferences. The Circle works together on researching the topic chosen by the Board by creating and distributing surveys to their colleagues, gathering the information for gap analysis, defining solutions and testing the achievability of the solutions on the local market.

In January 2016 ICP announced the ICP Knowledge Partner Program which gives Service Providers, Governments, IGO/NGO’s and educational institutions access to the ICP network and events.