Jeremy Wigmore is the new ICP Chairman

We are very pleased to announce that Jeremy Wigmore, CEO of Aerialtronics, formally accepted the role of ICP Chairman. Aerialtronics is a company in the forefront of drone technology and Jeremy is responsible for worldwide operations, international strategy and external relations.

As an ‘international from the UK’ and employer of a multinational team of experts himself, Jeremy very well recognizes the challenges in attracting and retaining global talent and is looking forward to help increase competitiveness of the working and living environment in the MRDH region. His personal aim is also to actively involve his business network and/of the unmanned valley project.

Our gratitude to Imre Csoti, Vice President CB&I, who chaired ICP in a highly successful way during the past 2 years. Imre will remain on the board as a member.

Board members who joined the board in 2017:
– Marleen Zuijderhoudt, Zuijderhoudt Consulting BV.
– Laurie Jo Litton, NCiA
– Leonard Geluk, THUAS
– Jelle Nederstigt, Jacobs

Their entry aligns with the ICP Global Talent Attraction & Retention strategy for this region. The Board includes representatives of the stakeholders required to execute the strategy.

From left to right: Nicole van Haelst (ICP), Richard Borsboom (BUXX Company), Jelle Nederstigt (Jacobs), Leonard Geluk (THUS), Kieran Earley (BSN), Michael Stoltz (NCI Agency), Marloes Michon (Shell), Imre Csoti (CB&I) and Jeremy Wigmore (Aerialtronics).

The ICP Board meets 4 times a year to select the yearly topic, direct the progress on the alignment process and decide on which of the found and tested solutions to implement. The ICP Board also acts as the representative of the ICP as a whole in formal external conferences and events.

The ICP Board now holds 11 members. For a complete overview of the ICP Board, see here.

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