International City Podium 2016

The International City Podium 2016 took place at WTC The Hague on 22.11.2016 and was organized in partnership with WTC The Hague, WFIA and Municipality of The Hague.

Over 200 people attended the event, mix of  talent working/studying at international organizations, NGOs, companies (from large multinationals until startups), local service providers and universities. The aim was to open up people’s perspectives on the opportunities in the regional labor market and help them connect with other talent.

The BuzzMaster tool helped to create a dynamic and highly interactive program. Nine speakers on stage have shared their inspiring stories and great initiatives. The program was followed by networking where people could connect to other ambitious people, based on their passion, purpose and potential.


  Willem, the co-founder of ING Innovation Studio, shared his ideas on how even large corporations like ING can innovate as startups. Networks always win. That’s why ING adopted experimenting and other agile ways to better connect the divisions within ING.

Lukas is the lead developer at Lift. He revealed the magic of combining a singer/songwriter and software developer in one body.
Test the Lift app and share your opinion with Lukas.

  Danielle is an award winning podcast producer. Travel without plan… this is how an academic researcher in social psychology became as successful entrepreneur.
If you have super ideas related to peace, justice or humanity, have a look at the HumanityX website or connect to Sjoerd
 Marieke knows what it requires for people and business to grow. Learning mindset, per-sistence, and resilience. Have a look at Outside inc.
Thijs shared his advise on how to attract and retain talent. If you want to learn more about Q42 or employer branding, just contact him.

Start as Young IT Professional at AddYT (‘Ádd Young and Talented’). After successful completion of the IT Masterclass (6 – 8 weeks), you start in a protected but challenging environment. For more information contact Rob.

  Jan Paul is the community manager at Lift.

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