ICP Strategy 2017 Approved

Dear ICP members and partners,

And yet another great year is coming to a close. On behalf of the ICP Board I am very pleased to share with you that the ICP Strategic Plan 2017 was approved during the final Board meeting on 25th November 2016, held at the International Criminal Court.

The strategy builds on the work of ICP over the past 8 years. ICP has proven its value. The outcomes of our research program, increasing topic maturity and funding developments have lead us to conclude that ICP is more and more recognized as the organization best suited to take the talent attraction and retention agenda forward, not only for The Hague but also for the wider MRDH region, by joining forces and combining strengths as needed. “Talent” is taken here in its broadest sense, including both Dutch and International talent, students and professionals, generalists and specialists. We use global talent as the common denominator.

ICP has built a unique position in the MRDH regional ecosystem for facilitating innovation and growth. Knowledge drives innovation, and the awareness that Access to Talent has become most crucial for the regional economy is steadily growing. ICP research has displayed the attributes for an enduring talent hub and is eager to help build it, to its full potential.

We believe we will all benefit – individually and collectively, as people and organisations – if we push the Talent Attraction and Retention Agenda forward and ICP trusts it can count on your continuing support in doing so in 2017 and beyond.

On behalf of the ICP Board,

Wishing you and your family a great holiday season,

Imre Csoti, ICP Chairman


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