The Hague & Rotterdam’s first appearance in the GTCI ranking

On 22 Jan the launch of the ‘Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2018’ took place in Davos, Switzerland.

The Hague & Rotterdam rank respectively #27 & #34 in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) 2018! A great score with opportunities to unleash our full potential as a Global Talent Hub. This is The Hague & Rotterdam’s first appearance in the ranking of the GTCI and we at ICP are happy and proud to help it happen. 

This year’s winner is Zurich, followed by Stockholm and Oslo. 


The ICP director, Nicole van Haelst, was invited by Prof. Bruno Lanvin, Executive Director Global Indices at INSEAD. She had the opportunity to talk to Top 10 Cities in GTCI 2018 and assemble input for Talent Strategy MRDH region. Talent Management Network to further discuss the insights of the GTCI 2018 ranking at ICP Talent Lab on 13 Feb. Curious about the specific profiles we need to attract to enable growth in the regional top sectors? Register here.

The Netherlands ranks #9 in the GTCI 2018 country index. Find the whole ranking here.

GTCI is an annual benchmarking report that measures and ranks 119 countries and 90 cities based on their ability to grow, attract and retain talent. Launched for the first time in 2013, the GTCI provides a wealth of data and analysis that helps decision makers develop talent strategies, overcome talent mismatches and become more competitive in the global marketplace.

Download the GTCI 2018 report here

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